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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cherry blossoms

Last time I forgot to mention why I went to San Francisco in the first place, it was for the Japantown Cherry Blossom Festival parade! We don't have a Japantown or cherry blossoms in the Philippines so this was the first time for me to ever see such things.

The Peace Pagoda located in the Japan Center complex. It was donated by the people of Osaka Japan to the city of San Francisco in 1968.

After we finally found a parking space, which took one hour to do, and walking the 5 city blocks to the festival I was surprised to see so many Asians. Of course Filipinos are Asian and there are many Chinese and Koreans in our country as well but I was expecting to see more people who are like Tom Cruz, Salma Hayek or Usher. I guess since this was Japantown I should have expected to see many Asian people, like Japanese. Pero, I was surprised kasi, I hardly ever see Asians in American movies, maybe only Lucy Lu.

Anyway it was still very exciting. There many things to do. They had a costume show, live music, and a parade! We had a parade once for my school. We had a band, majorettes, we carried a statue of Mother Mary and everyone walked behind us. Well, maybe to the American it does seem very exciting but we had fun that time.

I think in America the parades are usually more elaborate because the parade had many people in different costumes, each having a different theme. Some people just wave but many gave a performance, liking cutting bamboo, playing drums, dancing and singing. It was my first time to see a parade like this.

After the parade we went to their mall. It was very small. I think the mall in my province is bigger but it looked very social. Many of the items looked like they were from Japan and they had many restaurants selling Japanese food. I feel like maybe I am in Japan! I wanted to buy something as a souvenir and taste all the food but I did not have much money with me. Sayang. And that Alex he is very kuripot you know. He don't like to spend any money. For the whole day he bought only one sandwich and that's all. No drinks. Maybe it's because he is like a camel he doesn't need to drink. But I think it is really because he is kuripot, talaga. They had a water fountain but I didn't want to drink because I'm afraid of having LBM (loose bowl movement). I hope next time I can come back but with more money.

Here are some more pictures from the Cherry Blossom Festival.

These ladies in the kimonos just got finished dancing along in the parade.

This person is dancing also... I think.

The otaku.

A golden shrine.

Look at his forehead, it's a Neo Nazi dragon! Joke lang. Long before the Nazi's turned the swastika into a symbol of fascism and racism in the West it had been a spiritual and religious symbol to that of many different cultures. Even to this day it still remains as a holy symbol to many, especial to those in the East.

Some pageant contestants.

The world-renown musician and composer, Kitaro, who won a Golden Globe award for his work on the soundtrack of Heaven & Earth.

They ended the parade. I don't know the meaning behind what they are doing, however.

Last but not least the pageant Queen and her court!

This of course is only based on appearance. Maybe in America the pageants are based more on personality. Or maybe, like in the Philippines it all depends on who sold the most raffle tickets.


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