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Monday, April 10, 2006

You eat too much

You know so many Americans are big. Bigger than most Filipinos. Even the Filipino Americans are big. I wonder why? I think it is because Americans eat so much. When they buy food everything is so big! The pizza, the hamburger, the French fries, the drink everything is so malaki!

One day Alex wanted to buy jamba juice. I never had a jamba fruit before, so I ask for only a small size because I might not like it. But then they all told me it taste very good and I should try a larger size. So sige na, I told them I'll have a regular. When they come back though it's so maliki! Sugoi! It's good enough for four Filipinos. I couldn't finish it all in one sitting. I had to save it for later but everyone else they finished it so fast.

On the same day they also bought super burritos! Talaga it's so super. It's not a regular burrito. You can feed a whole Filipino family with only one. I have never seen a burrito like this in my country. It was masarap, but I could not finish mine again because it was so big. It was bigger than Alex's forearm, talaga! But that Alex, oh my goodness, he finished it all in one sitting! I think that's why he is taba.

Americans eat too much.

This is a regular sized Jamba Juice. It's probably bigger than a supersized cola in the Philippines.

See the toy arm? That's like Anna's arm! Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating... just a little.

This is a wet burrito from Papa Chuy's Taqueria in Pleasant Hill, CA. I don't think they have any burrito like this in the Philippines. (edit: Oops, plugged the wrong restaurant. All fixed now.)

It really is big! No exaggerating.


Blogger item1702 said...

On the average the serving size from your typical American restaurant is so much larger than what you would find in any Filipino restaurant. However, that doesn't mean that Filipinos in the Philippines don't eat a lot. They can eat a lot too. Especially during family parties they will have more than enough food. Whenever I go out with my relatives in the Philippines to a restaurant I think they eat so much also. Maybe the serving size is not as large in America but when you put all that food together the amount is about the same and sometimes even more. However, I don't think the majority of the people in the Philippines can afford to eat like that very often, if at all.

10:03 PM  
Blogger Tricia said...

I love your blog!

Can I link you please? :)

7:55 PM  
Blogger item1702 said...

Hello Tricia. Yeah, you can link to my blogg. If you don't mind I'll link yours here as well.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Tricia said...

yay! :)

9:04 AM  

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