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Friday, July 22, 2005

An ant's life

Ants have invaded my dorm room. I haven't seen these many ants in one place since I was a kid, digging up ant hills around my grandfather's house with my cousins. Maybe one of these ants is a relative of some ant I sent on fire with a magnifying glass when I was younger and now they're seeking vengeance. These things are getting in to everything. They have even made one of my external hard drives in to a nest! What the #@&%? Of all things in my room I have no clue as to why they decided to turn my hard drive into a little ant condominium. There's nothing for them to eat in these things. It's not like I'm stashing away Snickers and Mars bars away in there. It's just a bunch of wires in there and the casing gets pretty damn hot once it's turned on. You would think that would be a deterrent but noooooo!

Ants have been pouring out of the back of this thing like mad. What's even more of a bitch is that I can't even open this sucker up. For some reason the screws on this Maxtor drive are screwed on so tightly it's like they are welded on. So I got to figure another way to get them out. It would be a bitch if this drive were to crash because some ant mistook one of the disks as a treadmill and ran in to the needle head. I got all my pictures and music files on this drive. I have been having some pretty bad luck since I got out here and that's how it looks like it's gonna stay. Wuppee!


Blogger kevin said...

shit, that's gross, isn't it too hot in there for them to live?
btw, insect do like cicuit boards and stuff, maybe it's warm and nice there, and lots of barriers to play around
just a suggestion, brake cleaner kills insects the best, better than the strongest Raid we can get in Safeway, but i wonder if you can get it there

1:45 PM  
Blogger item1702 said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I could probably get some break cleaner out here... but where exactly I'm not that sure of.

3:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:28 AM  
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