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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Something I've noticed...

Just curious, are all the barbers in the Philippines gay men? Granted, I have only gotten a hair cut three times in the Philippines but all of my barbers were gay men. In fact I don't remember seeing any other barbers in the barber shops who weren't gay men. When I went to the barber shop with my friend he got his hair cut by a gay man. Just this past week three of my classmates got their hair cut by a gay man. I have noticed in the pricier barber shops all the assistants, the ones who stand around only to wipe the hair off your face, are gay men as well. Not that I have anything against gay people, I'm just wondering how did this come about. Is there some unspoken rule stating that you must be gay to cut hair in the PI or a general belief that gay men give the best haircuts? If so what of all the straight men whose sole wish as a young child was to one day grow up and cut hair? Will they be forced into an alternative life style against their wishes only in order to fulfill their dreams or is there a heterosexual barber shop somewhere out there waiting for them?

*If you are wondering how I can tell if these barbers are gay, well then you must have never been to the Philippines. Most gay people out are what you would call in the states "flaming gay". They don't hide it out here baby, they flaunt it sugar. (Man, need an animated smiley that snaps its head side to side)


Anonymous lois said...

hahaha! you never fail to amaze me with all your observations! you sure you came inside a barbershop or the parlor? if you want real men to cut your hair go to those that doesnt have any customers at all. they are real old men that talks a lot bout nonsense! hehehe.. Gay men cut better so they hire gay barbers.. so there.. and one thing, quit hangin out with mitch and richard! those are fags! hahaha! kiddin'! have a good day!
you're blog is so entertaining!

6:55 AM  
Blogger item1702 said...

What up Lois!
Glad I can keep someone entertained. Hmmm, I really don't know what's the difference between a parlor and a barbershop. Or a beauty salon for that matter. I just say barber shop because it makes me sound a little manlier. But there is a difference, I take it? That could explain why after every time I describe to them what kind of hair cut I want they say to me "so you want a barber's cut" in disgust. I don't need to look pretty. I ain't trying to look like a movie star with some fancy hairdo. Just cut my hair so I don't have to spend time messing with it.

Anyway do gay guys really cut hair better? I would say the best haircut I got in the states was form a straight man. So personally I can't say that gay men necessarily give the better hair cuts. I would say however that the gay barbers out here put on the better show, though. Yesterday there were times when I thought my barber must have been born with scissors in his hands because he was moving around and cutting away at my hair so fast as if he was Edward Scissor Hands himself. So out of amazement I just started to pay more attention to the man's technique. The next time he started cutting away at 100 snips per minute I noticed my hair was already pretty short and that he also seemed to be holding the shears just a tad too far away from the top of my head to actually be cutting any hair. That's when I said to my self "damn this guy is really good". He had me fooled. When he does the real cutting he slows down.

So guys the next time you go to the barber shop don't be fooled. He's cutting nothing but air.

Oh, and as for Mitch and Richard being gay. Well I might have some proof to justify your claims. lol

8:28 AM  

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