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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The return...

After dropping off my car at Honda Alabang, which was over four weeks ago I finally got my car back yesterday. It took them an entire month to fix the scratch on the rear passenger door and replace the front bumper. Hmmm... Did they make these parts from scratch?

"We at Honda extract raw material from the center of the earth and then weild it into perfection to insure the best quality repair work for your automobile."

Seriously they didn't have to go that far.

A month to fix...

Ok, so the real reason why they say it took so long was that they were having problems with my car insurance company. They told me since I got my car insurance “outside” they can’t act right away on fixing or releasing the car. I find that to be a little strange though, especially when I had bought the car I was specifically told by Honda that I must purchase insurance from one of their “in house” insurance companies for the first year of ownership. I also remember when I brought the car in to Honda for the estimate their “in house” insurance agent who expected my car wore a BPI/MS Insurance logo, and in fact did work for BPI/MSI. It just so happens that the logo at the very top of the paper for my insurance policy also says BPI/MSI, and in fact the company that insures my car is BPI/MSI.

...Yeah, I really can’t explain it anymore than that. I feel like I’m stuck in an episode of the Twilight Zone. They should have just told me that they were having trouble extracting the materials from the center of the earth.

And you know after having my car for over four weeks in their shop you would think they would have the time to put back my seat covers, but they didn’t. They told me if I wanted the seat covers put back on it would take them another two hours. Who do they have installing seat covers there? Grandma? So I just cursed out the guy for a while and then left. And it was when I was driving away I noticed they stole all my maps.

F@#$!*& Honda of Alabang!

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