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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Summer Break Flashback Part 1: Pagudpud

Well it seems the semester break has come and gone, and I have to say these past two weeks have been quiet adven… Actually it has been pretty much mundane so how about I this post into a flash back about last summer vacation.

During the first week of last summer vacation I took a trip to the white beaches of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. From Binan that's about a 590 kilometer drive to one of the most Northern points of Luzon. For you Californians that would be about the same distance as driving from Vallejo to LA, a trip that would take the average driver about 6 hours. However, since the physics of time and space follow different rules here in the Philippines this trip is about a 14 hour ride. Anyway, after everything I have heard about the place and then finally getting to see it first hand ... I have to say, OK ...

The beach shore was nice and definitely cleaner than most other places you will find in Luzon. I didn't see one piece of trash floating in the water either and the water so clear that you could see… all the seaweed. The seaweed was just about everywhere. When you are looking thru all those internet sites of Pagudpud and the pictures of the beach you don't really see the seaweed but believe me it's there. The people there were saying it's pretty much like that all year round. I guess you probably could still swim thru it but I didn't really want to try.

White sand? Looks like ordinary beach sand to me.

There weren't very many people there.

I staid the night at the Apo Idon Beach Hotel, which has some really good rates. (Maybe the low prices also had to do with the fact that no one else was there. I guess my summer break didn't coincide with that of the majority of other college students here in the Philippines.) Anyway, the rooms were still considerably nice and large for a beach resort for the price. A piece of advice however, if you see a conc shell in your room don't put it to your face. Whatever originally inhabited the shell must have been left in to rot and die. That shell smelled so bad.

Did I mention you get a free meal with your stay?
Mmm, lechon. I can feel my heart stopping now.

I guess the place was nice but I don't think it exactly lived up to all the hype but then again they did have a monkey chained to a tree.

Poor monkey, they are all gonna laugh at you.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoy! I wasn't the only one there.
U want me to post your Bikini open photo? =p

10:38 PM  
Blogger item1702 said...

Ok maybe you an one other person. =P

4:32 AM  
Blogger pootie said...

so funny...

9:11 AM  
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