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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The year in review

Ok, so I finally completed my second year in medicine (actually we been done for about a week now) and apparently I have managed to pass all my classes. Amazing. Anyway, it’s time now for my year in review report.

For this second year of medicine I have to say it has been... total crap. Other than out of pure stupidity I can tell you why I thought this year would have been better than the last. I just thought that maybe this year I’ll ignore the fact that the teachers are constantly late and the rest of last year’s problems and try to learn something. However, the teachers that used us as guinea pigs and as personal stress relievers, and the ones that we saw only at Starbuck’s took it to a whole ‘nother level. We had one teacher this year who must have shown up no more than twice for class tell us, “it’s ok for me to be absent but not for you because I know everything and you know nothing”. This had to be one of the stupidest comments of the year. It’s right up there next to DSM’s speech. Ok genius, don’t you think that since you know everything maybe you should be showing up more often so that maybe we might actually learn something? After all you’re suppose to be our $@#%!&* teacher.

As for my grades, they are slightly lower than last year but I don’t think grades really tell you much around here. You got to look personally at what you got out of it. And with that I would say I got the same amount of education as I did last year which was crap. I don’t think I’ve learned much in pharma and definitely not much if anything in medicine. The one thing I did learn though was that if you don’t feel motivated OTs aren’t going to matter much. Don’t get me wrong though OTs are definitely a big advantage. But I would have to say I basically went OT free as one can get this year around and my grades are basically the same as last year, considering the effort. I probably looked at an OT before a regular exam no more than twice but then when finals came around they start popping up everywhere. For some reason it still surprises me to find out who has these things. It’s like everyone has a secret stash. If this was prison OTs would be like cigarettes and you probably could trade them in for sex.

I still have a hard time trying to concentrate on what it is that I came here for, which is an education in medicine. There is still just way too much bullshit that goes on around me that ends up taking most of concentration away. And I seriously doubt that the system at this school is going to get any better so why am I still here?


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