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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Black gold...

Ok, I get why it smells like shit now. It was the water after all.

All that black junk you see on my bathroom floor, that was what was preventing me from having any running water for the last two days. That gunk was jammed up so tight that not even a drop of water came through my pipes. Amazing. How did this happen? Well, see the water that poors out of my faucets comes from and underground water supply that is pumped into a water tank on the top of the building. The tank isn't covered so insects such as mosquitoes are free to lay their larva in the water. Birds flying by can stop by and take a sip if they are thirsty and then give back a little something of their own if they please. Rodents are free to take a swim in there as well and if one occasionally drowns, oh well that's the life of a rat. After the creatures have their fun with the water, it runs down into each and every dorm. That same water is what I had been using to brush my teeth with when I first got here. Well golly, no wonder I had diarrhea for three weeks.

Anyway I'm glad the plumbers came to fix the problem. As you can tell though they didn't bother to clean up after themselves once they were through. I guess I could have had the cleaning lady clean it up but she was taking her sweet time eating and I didn't feel like sitting in my room for another hour with all this gunk everywhere so I took the initiative to clean it my self. I went and asked the cleaning lady if she had a mop. She ended up giving me one along with an empty bucket. I realized it was a good thing that I was going to clean it up my self after I had asked her if she had any soap and the response she gave me was "the bucket is clean". It didn't matter to me if the bucket was clean or not. Plain water wasn't going to be of any help in killing all the germs and bacteria left from that gunk on my floor. Have the people here, never heard of anything like Pine-sol? Well, I finally got some soap, laundry detergent, and attempted to clean up the mess that they made. After filling the bucket with some water and then pouring it out, I ended up finding out that the bucket she gave me wasn't all that clean after all because there were all these dead bugs in it. It was little bit of a bitch trying to clean up the bathroom because of its brilliant design; the drain doesn't exactly lie in the lowest point of the floor. So I couldn't easily just let all that gunk flow down the drain. Anyway, after a few hours I managed to clean things up to the best of my abilities. Still looks like crap though.

Well, other than writing this post and attending classes that's what I did with my day. I probably should have been studying for my biochemistry case discussion that I have tomorrow but oh well. That's life living here in the Philippines.


Blogger kevin said...

shit, that's gross
i rather have my bathroom in some jungle

3:14 AM  
Blogger item1702 said...

They have a river right next to the school. I think the water is blacker than what was coming out of my pipes but I heard some people still swim in it.

5:28 AM  

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