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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another pointless complaint

Since the day I moved in the door knob to my dorm has sort of just been hanging there, as if it were to about to just fall off. To my astonishment it hasn't yet however since it has been getting harder to open the door with the key (maybe it's a sign) I've decided to have it changed. I was planning to do it on my own but after speaking to my aunt she convinced me that I should get my uncle who owns the place to fix it for me. Well, that was last weekend and I guess because of difficulties with scheduling it hasn't been changed yet. Anyway, the care takers here however were considerate enough to do something in the mean time to help protect my valuables which consist of a bag of rubber bands, a broken imitation Rubik's cube and several physiology books. So for an half an hour yesterday they attempted to install a latch that is held in place with a padlock upon my front door.

After they were all finished I took a look at it to marvel at their handy work and I had to say to my self "wow... what was the point of this?" (I would take a picture of it so you can see for your self what I mean but I don't have a camera anymore.) The latch is a thin strip of metal and they installed it in a way so that the screws holding on to the door are readily accessible. So if one had a screw driver or a butter knife for that matter they could easily remove the screws and wala, instant access to all your rubber band needs. Looking at it again just now the half an inch screws aren't even screwed in all the way, so it shouldn't take long for some one to remove them. On top of that the padlock they gave me is no bigger than the one I use for my luggage. If a person didn't have anything to unscrew the latch from the door they could probably just push open the door without so much worrying about the latch at all. I have half the mind to see if I can push the door open using only one arm while the latch is locked, my self. The only thing stopping me for the moment is noise it would make but one of these days my boredom will make it too tempting to not give it a try.

I realize now why I thought about taking care of it my self in the first place. It's just like having them come up to my room and mop my floor with a bucket of dirty water.


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