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Monday, November 07, 2005

I hate ants...

Especially the ants out here. They're more like rats. They get in to everything.

I received a package from my parents less than a week ago that contained some food. I didn't really have a place in my little cell to put the stuff away so I decided just to leave them in the box, since all of the items are packaged up anyway I thought they would be fine. My mistake. I pulled one of the bags of chocolates out of the box today and I discovered all these ants running around in the bag. I examined the bag and found a small hole in the bag. I didn't think much of it other than the bag probably already had a hole in it and that's how the ants got in. Then I started to pull more of the items out of the box and I noticed the ants had gotten in to the protein bars and the crackers. That's when I realized that the holes in the packages were probably not originally there but instead it was the ants that chewed through the plastic wrappers to get to the food. Can ants read? How do they know what's on the other side is something for them to eat? The only things that were spared where the soap bars, toothpaste and toothbrushes. Apparently ants have no use for that stuff. Oh, and the canned foods were also spared but I bet if I gave them another week they would get in to that too.

Above the word 'gelatin' you can see the little Y-shaped hole the ants chewed to get to the protein bar. First they had to chew thru the plastic wrapper that was surrounding the box and then thru the wrappers of the individual bars.

They were having a feast with the crackers.

I thinking I should just change the title of my blogg to "My War on Bugs". Or maybe I should think of making a switch to pursue a career in pest control instead. I'm getting a great deal of experience in that field here.


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