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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Well, since Kuya Boy was pretty lazy with showing you what it's like in America here's some pics from back in the States.

I got 4 aquariums back home. One of them is setup as a vivarium with firebelly toads and an anole.

This is one of the baby firebellies rest on the glass. Not sure how long he will be able to make it in there though before he gets eaten.

I don't know why people buy small dogs, especially ones that cost $800.

This guy craps everywhere.

This is the value meal menu at McDonald's.

Notice something? There's no McChicken or McSpaghetti. What's a Pinoy to do?

Had to visit my favorite pizzeria, Zachary's, in Berkeley before I came back out here.

This is personal size pizza. The crust is about an inch and a half thick.

Part of the SF skyline.

This was taken from the ferry.

A look down one of the streets in SF.

As you can tell parking is a bitch in the city almost no matter where you are.

Pics form the Beverly Center in LA.

It's a pretty nice mall. Small compared to the one's out here though.

The reason why we were out in LA in the first place was for E3.

As you can tell from the pics, E3 is an electronic expo.

Damn what is up with the gas prices in California? It is more expensive there than in the Philippines and they don't even pump your gas.

Why did we take over Iraq again?

A street merchant in Berkeley selling his handmade jewelry.

Some of his stuff might make for a nice gift... I think.

Well, that's enough of the States. Time to get back to things here on the island...


Blogger Kuya Boy said...

I'm not lazy you know. It's my vacation. Maybe I just want to enjoy, ha.

12:12 PM  

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