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Friday, February 09, 2007

Climbing the ladder

One of the strange things here in the Philippines is the contradictions. In this country 2 times the people have managed to rally together to take down a president. However, there is still this prevalent air that most people have that nothing can be done when we are offended by our so called “superiors”. These so called superiors demand respect but don't give it. The so called underlings talk of how they have no such right to treat them that way but don't do anything about it except take it day in and day out.

I've read some place before that there is a silent hierarchy here in the Philippines. And people here know where they belong on that pecking ladder. So when someone higher up on that ladder offends the guy below typically he won't do anything about it because of the fear of falling off. After all there is not much room on a ladder for you to move out of the way if the guy above decides to step on your head. And for the same reason that's why those higher up on the ladder usually always stay higher up and you're only left with a view of their rear.

So in a sense I can understand maybe why some people would be scared. But then again to me that's a rather sad way to live your life, sniffing the ass of someone else. And besides in reality there is no ladder! Yes, in this country it may be more true than anywhere else that those on top will always stay on top. And if you attempt to fight back there is that chance you may end up getting the worse end of it. However, there is still always that guarantee that if you don't attempt to fight back you will just continue to be stepped on.

So though yesterday I had no clue as to what the ass was saying. Today I'm writing a letter to the dean about it. However, I don't know why when some shit goes down here people think that I alone should do something about it. This time it's not going to work that way because I know just how ridiculous I would come out looking like if I tried to make a stand on this issue by myself? Just about as ridiculous as everyone else bending over to take it in the ass by the good old doc again. The only way anything is going to be done about this, is if WE make a stand TOGETHER.

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