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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Over budget

It's time to have a budget plan. Despite being thought of your typical "rich American" I find my self short of money way before the end of every month. Not exactly sure why either. Maybe it has something to do with 250+ we have to give to each proffessor to cover the 6 pages of exams they'll give us for the entire quarter. Well, whatever it is guys I'm gonna have to say no to some of those Yellow Cab pizza nights and Tiborin VIP rooms. Time to be Mr. Kuripot.

Minus a box of cereal, a bag of pasta noodles, a 5lb bag of rice, parmesan cheese, and a bottle of cooking oil what you see there is over 3,000 pesos (US$60) worth of food. I didn't even buy any beef. Now, who said living in the Philippines is cheap? Then again maybe I should have checked my recipt.


Anonymous The Man said...

y'know.... i guess you spend too much on branded goods.... man with 3000pesos worth of groceries i'd have more than enough for two months!!! for reals! where the heck did you spend all that money.... hmm... mebbe the 3000bucks didn't go all into the groceries... hahaha... take note of the following as guidelines...

1kg of pork = 4 porkchop = 160pesos....

beef costs more than pork

1kg of chicken = 4 huge thighs = 120pesos...

i have no idea about fish....

canned goods.... tuna costs less

than 20pesos... one big can of corned beef around 50-100... epends..

vegies are freakin cheap....

hmm... mebbe the wine costs more than the food you need to eat? hehehehe good luck with that man

4:20 AM  

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