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Thursday, March 01, 2007

And the award for best melodramatic actor...

Well, today was scheduled to be our much anticipated showdown with the doc since we turned in the letter. Apparently the administration at the institute I attend didn’t see much of a problem with the way he treated us. Two of the doctors here told us straight up that they didn’t see what the complaint was about at all. Apparently they feel it’s the right of every teacher here to refer to his students as bitches at least once. So at the most the admins here probably just gave him a slap on the wrist and told him “You’re a naughty doc. Now, go run along and play nice.” Anyway, seeing as how he basically got off scott free we were expecting a little more of the same from the good ol’doc.

However, after walking in an hour and half late, one hour earlier than usual, to much of our surprise he calmly took a seat in the back and asked for the papers of the reporters for that day. Then 2 hours later after all the reporters were done, except for Bambi who managed to get out of reporting yet once again, he stepped to the front of the class to tell us (queue in the melodramatic music)... his side of the story. The side that we failed to see. The side of man who truly cared for us...

...Ok, seriously I have thought of several ways about how to write on what he said but I just can’t seem to think of a good way to do it. Honestly the way he stated all the reasons behind his actions to make him look like the victim in all of this was just too good and could never be out done. I mean some of the girls in class told me they wanted to cry afterwards. It was Filipino melodramatics at its finest. You know the kind of shit that doesn’t make any kind of sense but at the same time can make others reach for the tissue box. Personally I just wanted to gag and thinking about it even now makes me want to hurl. But just to fill you all in on what the doc had to say I’ll try to hold it in...

According to doc everything that he has been doing was all for our best interest. This includes the derogatory name calling and the coming to class three and a half hours late. You see he explained that as we continue our studies in medicine there will be a lot of people who will insult us and even those who will do worse. By calling us puneta and blurting out putang ina mo (your mother is a whore) he was just trying to prepare us now for what we will eventually face. It wasn’t because he was mad because there were 4 people absent in class. (Or maybe it was? I’m not really sure anymore.) Anyway, the reason he wants us to believe, is that he did it because he cared. Yeah, I guess he could have just told us that there will be these kind of people but by being that @$$#*!& himself he makes the experience all that more real for you, that’s compassion. Now if only you dad had that much compassion when he told you to watch out for those bullies at school who may try to beat you up and take your lunch money.

You see all this time he just wanted to be our friend. He invited (or made us resume class) in his house to eat and have a good time. (Never mind the part of how he hoped to get one of us in bed with him. That’s just a minor detail anyway.) He came to class three and an half hours late to give us time between classes. (Just a little side note doc if you really wanted to make it look like you came to class late all those times for our benefit I wouldn’t also mention that you came in at that time because that’s what they told you in your contract. It makes whatever is the real reason sound a little iffy.) All this time he was trying to make that effort to get close to us and none of us was making the effort in return. (Though knowing your prof may want to sleep with you while you’re straight seems like a logical enough reason for me not to try to get too close. I don’t know what the excuse is for you girls, though.)

We were a disappointment. We failed to show compassion to person who was not just asking it from us but demanding it. Maybe it’s because like he said we are just children who can’t see the bigger picture. We are still that child who would storm out of a room over the littlest thing like not having a projector ready. (Ok, maybe not that child.) Anyway, as children he sought not just to be our friend but also to be a father figure. (By the way kids if your dad is referring to you as bitch every day you are probably not in a very good place right now. And if your dad is also trying to sleep with you, you might want to call 911 right about now.) But we eventually betrayed him and so in the end it was he who was the real victim for caring too much about us when we didn’t care enough for him.

Seriously this guy needs some help. One of the points he tried to stress is that we should be consistent. He should take his own advice. My parents have never referred to me as a bitch and not one of my friends has ever spoken to me in the way that he has. I’m not sure were he gets his idea of how to be a friend or a father figure from but maybe he should try to reanalyze what the real definition of those terms mean.

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