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The stories told here maybe appear larger than in real life and at times may even appear outlandish. However, all actual events are in fact real (well, most of them). What may appear as a distortion of reality to some may only be due to the author's perspective of the actual events. Some say he is just not right in the head.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Protein sprinkles

Ok, so after seeing my little friend in the bathroom...

I headed to the canteen downstairs to get me some bottled drinking water. While looking for water there was another tenant on the other side of the counter waiting for her food. The cooking lady was getting the tenant's food out of the serving rack. It's like a little show case with glass on one side and a sliding cabinet door on the back. Anyway, one of the entrees in the rack caught my eye as she open the door. It wasn't because the entree was something spectacular but because it was as if there was a little ant convention taking place on the dish. There were all these little black ants running in circles around the dish. The cook closed the door as if it was nothing. Now, the cook is a little old so maybe her eyesight is going a little bad and so she couldn't really see them. Or maybe the ants were paying rent to hold the convention there. I really don't know.

Now, I got to thinking since this is the same canteen that serves me my breakfast and dinner. Usually because I eat my dinner late they keep my food in that same rack until I'm ready to eat. I was thinking when they heat the dish it would kill most germs anyway. However, they usually don't reheat the food they pull out of there and a lot of the food that I have eaten has been a little cold. I just kind of walked out of there in a stupor; without any water because they were out.

Well on the bright side I herd ants have a lot of protein. I'll just think of them as protein sprinkles.


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