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The stories told here maybe appear larger than in real life and at times may even appear outlandish. However, all actual events are in fact real (well, most of them). What may appear as a distortion of reality to some may only be due to the author's perspective of the actual events. Some say he is just not right in the head.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

The drama at the Christmas party... well, kind of

"Maybe, you shouldn't come to the Christmas party because it won't be fun if we have to speak in English for you."

Ever since the start of last Wendseday, Archie has been slowly working his away under my skin with his offensive and indifferent comments, and his childish taunts. Wasn't really quite sure of what initiated it but his comments and acts continued to worsen all the way up until the night of our Christmas party at the Villa Cholas resort last Friday, where I finally just had enough.

The final breaking point came right after Archie had told me "you are the lousiest half-cooked American I have ever met." I didn't care anymore if this was a "Christmas" party. To hell with good cheer and merriment. I yelled out to Archie telling him I was tired of his shit and that he should just shut the $#@& up and if he wouldn't shut up I would make him shut up. Then he had the never to walk away from me while I was talking to him as if I was nothing. I snapped. I pulled out the knife I had in my pocket chased him down half way across the pool and stabbed him in the chest with it before I tossed his sorry ass in to the pool. As I ran out the gate most of the girls in my class chased after me apparently more concerned over my well fare than Archie's who was left bleeding in the pool.

And for that I love you girls, oh and you too JM, but it wasn't supposed to work out that way. What me, Archie, Kissey and Ray really wanted to see when we were thinking of how to pull of this crazy stunt was how many people would jump in to the pool to save Archie. Maybe if I had teased Archie back in a similar fashion then everyone wouldn't have been so against him. Oh, well there is always next time.

The whole idea came to me last Tuesday when Ray, Kissey and I were looking for gifts at Pavilion and we happened to stumble upon a gag knife which had a retractable blade with fake blood. Kissey and Ray didn't think they could pull off being the antagonizer so we had to find some else for the part. That's when we decided to include Archie who we thought would be perfect for the roll. So the next day Archie began his roll of the antagonizer and we began to spread rumors of how I was in a gang and ended up in jail in the States just to get the whole thing buried in the back of their mind for the final finale Friday night.

A few unexpected events also happened to help our cause. Bambi misinterpreted a comment I made to her in a previous message. JM helped to spread the rumor that I was really starting to get irritated by Archie's teasing though that was originally the job of Kissey and Ray. Jovanni also got upset with me and started to aid Archie with the teasing because he thought that I had traded his name away for our Kris Kringle. (For the last time Jo, I never picked you and no, Tom never picked Anna not even on the first time around. Sheehz, I even actually thought about getting you a gift. I knew Tom wasn't going to show up and that's why I was looking at the prices of Johnny Walker but I decided just to let Tom do as he said he was and get you a gift from Thailand. The prices of the Johnny Walker here kind of helped me out on making that decision.)

Despite the unexpected help we also had a couple of unexpected problems. Mitch was coming to the party late. We really didn't want to drag out the teasing part out for long because we didn't want to kill the mood of the party. If we did I'm sorry for that. Also the layout of the pool was quite different from what we had expected and we had to improvise a bit. The alcohol Kissey was serving me may have gotten to me a little bit as well. That might explain why we didn't get the exact effect we were looking for but overall I think it turned out alright. Jovanni, won the Best Reaction award for trying to pull out Archie from the pool after he saw the fake blood and JM was runner up for being the first guy out the gate after me.

Good job guys. Let me know if you have any ideas for the next one.

The rest of the night we exchanged our gifts (Thanks for the hat Ray and I hope you like the pendant I got you Bambi. The lovely gift wrapping was done by Anna by way. Thanks, Anna.) drank, and threw each other into the pool. Helilah, Deds and I also got a special musical performance from the diva Marmie as we four staid up for the rest of the night mainly because we didn't have any place to sleep. In the morning we packed up our stuff and headed off back for home.

I have to say our first Christmas party was definitely one to remember.


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