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Friday, December 23, 2005

Left at the altar

We just got thru with the wedding ceremony of J and M. I was glad because it was already 3:30 pm and I was starving. I haven't eaten anything the whole day except for a few strawberries, a cup of yogurt and a small croissant. I guess I could have just gotten something to eat at the Aristocrat which was right next door but I figured that since in a few minutes we would at the site of the wedding reception I could hold off the hunger for a little while longer. How can I be so stupid?

The wedding reception was held in the center court yard of the San Agustin Museum. It was actually a rather nice place for a wedding reception. (Sorry, I don't have any pictures to show you but I don't have a camera anymore) I would say the majority of us whom were at the wedding ceremony got there no later than 4:00 pm. All except for the bride and groom. Well I guest that's customary though, so that the bride and groom can get a proper introduction as they walk on in. So we waited... and waited... and waited. As we all sat there at our assigned tables the only thing they served was alcohol and a few plates of finger foods. Four small sized saucers half filled with finger food for a table of 10 hungry Filipinos? I don't think so. That was not going to do. I don't know what surprised me more the actual waiting or that they had the nerve to continue serving us alcohol and not feed us as we waited there. There could have been a riot on their hands. Maybe what they were doing trying to gets us too intoxicated to complain. Some of the smart people just left but like an idiot I was clinging on to the hope of getting some free grub. When the bride and groom finally walked in at 6:30 the crowd was lifeless. I don't think they even cared for who J and M were anymore. Half of the people probably forgot why they were there in the first place, too delirious from low blood sugar levels. So after they were finally introduced and they thanked their sponsors and what have you the biggest applause that night came when we were finally allowed to line up at the buffet tables at 7:30pm, four hours after the end of their wedding ceremony. Filipinos sure do love making people wait.

Dale you better not be doing this to us on your wedding day. I'm warning you now you could end up with another Donner party on your hands.


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