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Thursday, September 29, 2005

And the survey says...

My classmates have been taking little surveys in class. Nothing of any real importance. They have mainly been kind of along the lines of "what would you rather eat chocolate that taste like shit or shit that taste like chocolate?" I chose the chocolate that taste like shit because shit that taste like chocolate is still shit.

Anyway, another one of their question was asking among the guys in class who has the most potential of being a player? To my surprise I was one of the guys to receive the most votes. I guess I shouldn't really be all that surprised because it seems like Asian girls (girls from Asia not Asian girls from America) are always asking me this. Am I missing something? Am I doing some kind of player move I'm unaware of? The player walk? The player grin? I don't really mind being asked but I would just like to know why they think this way so maybe I could some how make it work for me. Cause right now I ain't no player, I'm riding the bench. I don't go out with any girls out here. Damn, that's another reason why I'm hating it out here.

Ok so let's take a survey. Can you guess the player(s)?

Guy 1
Girl 1

Guy 2
Girl 2

Guy 3
Girl 3

Guy 4
Girl 4

Guy 5
Girl 5a
Girl 5b

Well, who's the player(s)?


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