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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Is there a plumber in the house?

Well it's been another weekend without water. At least they brought me a cleaner bucket of water this time around but the dishes in my sink are really starting to stink up. Apparently plumbers don't work on the weekends in this country especially on Sundays. Nope I'm not being sarcastic about it this time, that's what they told me.

Saturday evening, concerning the lack of water running in the dormitory...
Me: "Will somebody be fixing it?"
The little man who brings me food: "Umm, it's Sunday tomorrow. No one works on the Sabbath Day. Do you expect someone to be working on that day?"
Me now a little startled: "Well, um.."
The mad little man who brings me food: "That would be blasphemy! God have mercy on you for even thinking of such things. We will have a plumber here Monday and no sooner."

Ok, now I was being a little sarcastic about the little guy's response but he did basically tell me that there are no available plumbers on Sunday and that we would have to wait until Monday before anything could get done about it. Why is that? You could come to your own conclusions.

You know though if I was a business man I could see a really big opportunity here for me as Sunday only plumber. Hell, I would have the entire market to myself and I could jack up my fee really high. Who else are they going to get to fix their plumbing when they are in a jam? They would be at the mercy of my prices. But then would that be worth the price of your soul?

Mom, I'm dropping out of medical school and becoming a plumber.


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