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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lab rats

I write this to you today because I don't know how long I have left. Two of my colleagues have already been stricken with fever, one bed ridden. As for the rest I am not sure of what has become of them. Today at approximately 1000 me and my colleagues were subjected to the injection of an experimental vaccine of unknown origin. The vaccine was said to have contained antigens of Salmonella typhi, Vibrio cholerae, and Shigella dysenteriae species.

Though many of my colleagues verbally expressed their objections, it was to of no avail. It was if we had no right to object, as if we were no more than lab rats for a mad man's goals. It was if our very grade and entire future in medicine depended on our unwilling compliance.

One after another we were forced to endure a 1ml subcutaneous injection of this experimental vaccine into our upper arm which upon minutes resulted in a variety of adverse effects. Tenderness and swelling at the site of injection as well as numbness of the shoulder and a slight raise in body temperature was reported with in minutes after being injected. I am afraid that as time progress we will only succumb to more severe adverse effects that are due to this experimental vaccination.

As my limbs weaken and the light begins to fade from my eyes I only pray that someone reads of my misfortune to know the truth of what became of my colleagues and I.

I can't believe I actually let myself get injected with that shit. In no way in hell did that bottle look hygienic or reassuring. This was insane. In the States this would = big law suit.

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Salmonella typhi
Infection of Salmonella typhi is the causative agent of typhoid fever which can include symptoms of fever, chills, bradycardia, weakness, diarrhea, myalgia, and in severe cases hemorrhage, and delusions. It is responsible for approximately 600,000 deaths worldwide annually.

Vibrio cholerae
Vibrio cholerae is the cause of cholerae which results in perfuse diarrhea. Over 2,000 people worldwide die annually from cholerae. Outbreaks of cholerae have result in 7 pandemics through out history.

Shigella dysenteriae
Shigella dysenteriae is one of the causative agents that can result in shigellosis which symptoms include cramps, diarrhea, fever, vomiting, blood, pus, or mucus in stools or tenesmus. Shigellosis is reported to responsible for 600,000 deaths worldwide annually, claiming mostly children.


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