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Ladies and gents our story begins with our author who one day packed up his bags to spend the next 5 years of his life on some tropical island far far away. This land is not like any place he has ever been to before. There is no telling of what he may encounter during his stay there but one thing is sure he is going to be in for one crazy adventure. And this is where you get to read about it.

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The stories told here maybe appear larger than in real life and at times may even appear outlandish. However, all actual events are in fact real (well, most of them). What may appear as a distortion of reality to some may only be due to the author's perspective of the actual events. Some say he is just not right in the head.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

3:00 O'clock

It is about 3:00 o'clock in the morning out here and I can't go to sleep. Why? Because I am bored. So incredibly bored. I have been on vacation since the start of this week but I have done practically nothing except sit in my little 12 x 10 ft concrete room. I can't even seen out my windows so it's like I'm in a little prison cell blocked off completely from the outside world. I am feeling a little tired though from waking up at 7am but I don't want to go to sleep because I'll feel like I have wasted the day. Though at this point it is kind of pointless since the day is already over, but I still feel like I got to do something. Crazy, huh? Well, that's what the Philippines will do to you. Maybe I need to take up a hobby. Drinking seems very popular here. One of my friends said he took up drinking to cope with being in this country. I'll admit that he does seem to be well adjusted to life here... as an alcoholic. Well, if it worked for him it could work for me too. Or maybe I should just stick to my hobby of killing ants and mosquitoes.

San Miguel the choice of the Philippines!

Drink enough of these and all your problems can disappear... It's magic!


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