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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Filipino hospitality

I finally broke out of Binan last Monday and headed off to Baguio City, The Summer Capital of the Philippines. It was given that title because the city is situated about 1,400 meters above sea level and on average remains about 8 degrees lower than any other point in the low lands. So when everyone is sweating like a pig in Binan it's usually nice and cool up there. Well, I didn't exactly do all that much and I don't have any pictures to show you of the place but it's not really what I wanted to talk about anyways. I went up there with my cousin's cousins and though they aren't exactly my cousins per say their family treated me like family. One of the things that stand out in this country is the hospitality of the people. It's a country where most people would give you the shirt off their back if you were to stay at their home. They do all they can to make you feel at home even when they don't have much.

Now if everyone could just extend the boundary of their homes past their fence to include their barrio, their province, their country. Then view everyone in the country as a guest in their home and provide each other with that same Filipino hospitality, I could only imagine how much better off this country would be. But then again this country is their home so what's stopping them?

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