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Friday, October 21, 2005

Wanna come to America?

I recently found out that another one of my friends will be getting married shortly. That makes 6 cousins and close friends of mine who already have or will be getting married all within the span of one year. What's going on? It's like marriage is the new happening thing to do and I'm starting to feel left out. I don't even have a girlfriend now. I better do something about this quick. Being a US citizen I think I shouldn't have much of a problem find one though, especially here. This country is one the top sources for mail-order brides though such services have actually been illegal in this country since 1986. Go figure, it's just another one of the laws in this country that's just for show.

Anyone know where I can find a shirt like this?

Seriously though, to all those I know who've already gotten either engaged or married this year congratulations! (Well, I'm actually serious about getting that shirt also.)


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