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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Medical Mission

Yesterday I went on my first medical mission in San Pedro, a city not too far from where I am staying. Now before you get the idea that I went out in to the country and actually helped people and saved lives, it didn't quite work out that way. Actually I didn't do anything at all. None the less it was an experience for me.

The medical mission wasn't quite like what I had in mind, though. Maybe I've been watching too much TV. Things were calm. Most of the people seeking help appeared fairly healthy. No one appeared to suffer from some rare tropical disease or was in that bad of shape to require a medical emergency. Well maybe with the exception of one gentleman who was having difficulty breathing and looked rather emaciated. If you end up dying from tuberculosis Bambi, I just want to say it was really nice knowing you and thanks for treating me out today. And if you could sweat talk some one up there in seeing past some of my minor mistakes and letting me get into heaven that would be nice. Thanks. Bambi had the pleasure of taking the gentleman's blood pressure. That was as "medically" exciting as it got though.

The only other thing of interest to note was a man standing in line to get his free meds with his little girl. The girl hand no pants on and he was holding her as if he was Michael Jackson over a balcony ledge. I was watching him about 3 feet away, wondering what the he was doing when a stream of urine rained down upon the man's foot. Ladies and gentlemen, that was the shocker of the day. It wasn't like the man didn't know what was going to happen. He was fully aware. If we were talking about murder he would get life. I was thinking this man must have really been in a hurry to get them meds. I wonder what his prescription for? He didn't even wipe the kid down after she was finished. He just went back to cradling her in his arms dripping urine and all. I'm sure if he just asked the lady behind him to save his spot, so that she wouldn't have to end up walking in his child's piss with her bare feet she would have. Because you know that's exactly what she did. Clearly sanitation is not a priority of every Filipino. So don't worry Bambi, if you end up dying from TB the rest of us will probably end up joining you shortly because of one thing or the other.

Well, after all of that I can say I'm looking forward to the next one. Hopefully next time I'll get to do more instead of just watching the crowd, though. I guess I better get started on practicing those physical examination techniques and getting all my shots.

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